Nanocs SMOKE Spectrometer 

SMOKE (surface magneto-optical Kerr effect), also known as MOKE, is the name for a sensitive magnetic measurement technique based on the magneto-optical effect called Kerr Effect. This effect is caused by the interaction between polarized light and the magnetic moment of the target sample. Although this effect has been discovered for more than 100 years and this technique is widely used in many research labs to study magnetic properties (moment, coercivity, etc.) of various materials, yet no standard, integrated instrument is commercially available. The NSS was developed by Nanocs scientists and engineers to serve as an integrated, convenient, cost-effective, and high performance instrument for the measurement of magnetic properties of magnetic materials, including thin films and polished bulk samples. It is a very useful tool for research labs in universities and institutions, as well as industries involved in magnetic material research and device development.  
Basic Features:
High Sensitivity  

The system uses a high quality He-Ne laser and an advanced signal processing technology to get very high sensitivity.

High Flexibility and Wide Range Magnetic Field

Specially designed magnets are able to apply high in-plane and out-of-plane magnetic field continuously tuneable between –2000 to 2000 Oersted.  Polar and longitudinal/transverse measurements can be easily made in one run.

Easy to Operate 

Variable temperature setup and/or vacuum compatible measurement or custom designs for special-purpose measurements and configurations can be made depending upon customer’s demands.

Affordable Price 

The system has affordable price. (Price varies depending upon different system configurations)