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Nanocs now provides various single layer graphene and graphene oxide products for your research use. These graphene products have been processed with multi step chemical and physical processes to ensure high quality.

Single Layer Graphene Sheet

Graphene oxide TEM Picture:                                                                     Single Layer Graphene oxide SEM Picture
Description: Single Layer Graphene Oxide (SLGO) and functionalized graphene oxide layer.

Composition: Graphene oxide (GO) with 60% carbon, 40% Oxygen. Reduced graphene has over 99% carbon

Flake size: 0.5-5 microns.

Thickness: Single atomic layer >80%, thickness 1.1 nm.

Color: Bright yellow for GO solution; Black for reduced graphene.

Purity: Carbon contents over 80%

Cat.No. Description Price/USD
GO1-AQ-1 Graphene Oxide, aqueous solution, 20 mL
GO1-AQ-2 Graphene Oxide,  aqueous solution, 100 mL 740.00
GO1-RD-1 Single Layer Graphene Flake, Reduced, 50 mg 185.00
GO1-CA-1 Graphene oxide, carboxyl acid functional, GO-COOH, 5 mL 185.00
GO1-OH-1 Graphene Oxide, hydroxyl functional, GO-OH, 5 mL 185.00
GO1-AM-1 Graphene Oxide, amine functional, GO-NH2, 1 mL 285.00
GO1-TH-1 Graphene Oxide, thiol functional, GO-SH, 1 mL 285.00
GO1-AZ-1 Graphene Oxide, azide functional, GO-N3, 1 mL 285.00
GO1-AK-1 Graphene Oxide, alkyne functional, 1 mL 285.00
GO1-BN-1 Graphene Oxide, biotin labeled. 1 mL 285.00
GO1-FC-1 Graphene Oxide, Fluorescein (FITC) labeled, 1 mL 285.00
GO1-GLU-1 Graphene Oxide, Glucose labeled, 1 mL 285.00
GO1-PG-1 Graphene Oxide, PEG functionalized, 1 mL 285.00

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